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ISO 179 Plastics of Charpy impact properties
Date:2017-03-21 Source:United Test Views:100

ISO 179: Plastics -- Determination of Charpy impact properties

ISO179-1 specifies a method for determining the Charpy impact strength of plastics under defined conditions. A number of different types of specimen and test configurations are defined. Different test parameters are specified according to the type of material, the type of test specimen and the type of notch.

The method can be used to investigate the behaviour of specified types of specimen under the impact conditions defined and for estimating the brittleness or toughness of specimens within the limitations inherent in the test conditions. It can also be used for the determination of comparative data from similar types of material.

This method is suitable for use with the following range of materials:

**rigid thermoplastic moulding and extrusion materials (including filled and reinforced compounds in addition to unfilled types) and rigid thermoplastics sheets;
rigid thermosetting moulding materials (including filled and reinforced compounds) and rigid thermosetting sheets (including laminates);
**fibre-reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composites incorporating unidirectional or multi-directional reinforcements (such as mats, woven fabrics, woven rovings, chopped strands, combination and hybrid reinforcements, rovings and milled fibres) or incorporating sheets made from pre-impregnated materials (prepregs), including filled compounds;
**thermotropic liquid-crystal polymers.

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 Plastic V notch impact sample 80*10*4mm     Organic glass V notch impact sample 80*10*4mm

Impact test specimen size: 
80*10*4mm (length*width*thickness)


ISO 179 Plastics Charpy impact testing machine Operation Video
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