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Pipe falling hammer impact test ISO3127, ASTM D2444
Date:2017-03-21 Source:United Test Views:100

Thermoplastics pipes -- Determination of resistance to external blows -- Round-the-clock method

specifies a method for the determination of the resistance to external blows of thermoplastics pipes of circular cross-section; it is called the round-the-clock method.

This method is applicable to isolated batches of pipe tested at 0 °C (information is also given for sampling from the continuous production of pipe).

Test pieces are subjected to blows from a falling striker, of specified mass and shape, dropped from a known height onto specified positions around the circumference of the test piece. The true impact rate of the batch, or production run from an extruder, is estimated.

Commonly the impact height 2000mm, impact hammer 6.3kg, 9.1kg, 13.6kg.

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Falling weight impact testing machine

1, Automatic falling hammer impact tester adopt micro processor control, avoid secondary impact, can preset impact height, automatically hang the hammer, automatically lift hammer to set height position etc.,
2, Conforms to ISO 3127, ASTM D2444, DIN-EN 744, BS-EN 1411.

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