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Metallic Wire -- Reverse bend test ISO 7801
Date:2017-02-27 Source:United Test Views:100

Steel wire, alloy wire, etc., metal wire, determine the ability of wire of diameter or thickness 0,3 to 10 mm inclusive to undergo plastic deformation during reverse bending. The range of diameters of thicknesses for which ISO 7801 is applicable may be more exactly specified in the relevant product standard. The test consists of repeated bending, through 90 in opposite directions, of a test piece held at one end, each bend being over a cylindrical support of a specified radius.

Metal wire material, like steel wire, steel bar, steel wire rope, steel strand, nude electrical wire, copper alloy wire etc., rotate the provision radius jaws ±90 degree repeat the reverse bending test; standard machine for 3-10mm (15mm) diameter wire samples, add suitable device, can do 0.3 to 3mm wire.
Also can be used to do sheet plate repeating bending test.

Refer metal wire reverse bend testing machine.


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