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Pipe falling weight/drop hammer impact test ISO3127, ASTM D2444
Date:2017-03-21 Source:United Test Views:100

The impact resistance of thermoplastic pipe and fittings relates to its suitability for service and to quality of the processing. It may also provide a relative measure of the tested material’s resistance to breakage during handling and installation, and in non-buried applications, to in-service breakage. Results gathered by this test can be used as the basis for establishing impact test requirements in product standards; to measure the effect of changes in materials or processing on the product and to measure any effects of the environment on the pipe or fittings.

stipulated on ISO 3127, ASTM D2444, EN 744, EN 1411 stipulated the test method for falling impact on pipe.

Recommend test machine


Falling weight impact testing machine

1, Automatic falling hammer impact tester adopt micro processor control, avoid secondary impact, can preset impact height, automatically hang the hammer, automatically lift hammer to set height position etc.,
2, Conforms to ISO 3127, ASTM D2444, DIN-EN 744, BS-EN 1411.

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