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Metallic Wire -- Simple torsion test ISO 7800, ASTM A938
Date:2017-02-27 Source:United Test Views:100

Simple torsion test determining the ability of metallic wire of diameter or characteristic dimension 0,1 mm to 10 mm inclusive to undergo plastic deformation during simple torsion in one direction.

A test piece of wire is twisted a specified number of turns through 360° around its own axis in one direction, and then a specified number of turns through 360° in the opposite direction. The wire specimen be twisted about the longitudinal axis until it fails. Upon failure, the number of turns should be recorded.

The torsion testing machine should have chuck jaws that will remain coaxial during the test. One of the chucks should be easily displaceable in the direction of the wire axis. The wire should be twisted only along the test length, and not at the point of clamping. We recommend UnitedTest metal wire reverse torsion testing machine.

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Stipulated in the standard ISO 7800, ASTM A938.

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