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ECT-100 Erichsen cupping tester

ECT-100 Erichsen cupping tester  is mainly used to check the ductility of metal sheet and strip. It conform with ISO 20482:2003 Metallic materials - sheet and strip - Erichsen cupping test standard.  GB 5125-2008 (Method for deep drawing cup testing of non-ferrous metal). Can inspect the ductility deformation performance of test sample and inspect anisotropism of metal sheet.
Erichsen cupping test mean use certain size steel ball or ball shape punch, press a sample that be loaded a 10KN pressure, till the sample appear a penetrate through crack. Check the deep (mm) at this situation, this deep value is called Erichsen cupping test result value.

1, Adopt advanced new structure, servo motor constant speed loading, constant rate control, microcontroller to control the punching process, can preset the speed.
2, Clamping force is apply by independent hydraulic oil source, can adjust the clamping load, can independent calibrate.   
3, Force measuring change from oild sensor to load cell, encoder to measure the cupping value. Our low friction moving device technology used in the punch moving system, improve the test data repeatability, accuracy and reliability.
4, Test fixture easy to change, sample dismantle and installation convenient.  install the sample, then press a button will automatically clamping. Can input or change test parameter, punching process is PID control, automatically judge the sample cracking and automatically stop.  With watch window, can easy observe sample cracking, for the ultrathin sample can manually stop the test.             
5, Test result is computer display, with peak value memory function, max. punching load, Erichsen cupping value etc.,  can save the test result, curve drawing, test report etc.,  one test finish can automatically back to initial condition.

Specimen thickness0.1-2mm
Max. width of Plate Specimen90-100mm
Punch max. stroke60mm
Max. punching load60Kn/100KN
Max. clamping load10Kn/100Kn
Display resolution0.01mm
Load accuracy±1%
Deformation accuracy±0.5%
Test speed0.05mm/min -200mm/min
Erichsen Cupping fixtureStandard cupping ball: φ20±0.05mm
Standard cushion type die hole: φ33±0.1mm
Standard fixed mould hole: φ27±0.05mm
Deep drawing cup fixturePunching head:  dpφ32
Punching mould : ddφ32.28;  ddφ32.35;  ddφ32.43;  ddφ32.50;  ddφ32.60; ddφ32.75; ddφ32.90; ddφ33.05;  ddφ33.20;  ddφ33.35;   ddφ33.50;  ddφ33.80;    ddφ34.10;   ddφ34.50;  ddφ35.00;  ddφ35.60;  ddφ36.30;   ddφ37.00
Computer screen displayPunching load, clamping load, displacement, Erichsen cupping value, rate, curve etc.
Control typeComputer control
Hydraulic oilN46 hydraulic oil
Power supply380V/220V.
   Include hydraulic oil station, low friction punching head moving system
1 set
High precision ball leading screw1 set
AC servo motor1 set
High accuracy photoelectronic encoder1 set
Load cell1 set
Computer1 set
Printer1 set
Standard Erichsen Cupping fixture1 set
              Standard cupping ball: φ20±0.05mm 
              Standard cushion type die hole: φ33±0.1mm 
              Standard fixed mould hole: φ27±0.05mm 
Deep drawing cup fixture (optional) 
Sample punching mould (optional)   (φ55 or φ60) 
Operation manual 
Packing list 
Professional measuring software in English1 set
Documents (Manual, packing list, certificate)

ASTM 20482 "Metallic materials - sheet and strip - Erichsen cupping test standard”

GB 5125 "Method for deep drawing cup testing of non-ferrous metal “

Erichsen Cupping Test video
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