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Metal Bending & Rebending Testing Machine (Touching Screen) ISO7438, ASTM E290

The UT1017 metal bending test machine is used for bending tests of metal materials such as rods, sheets and rebar for construction, and is loaded with two-way hydraulic cylinders, adjusting the roll spacing by hand wheels and being able to lock itself.

It is driven by a hydraulic power source, which consists of a test host, an oil source (hydraulic power source), a standard bending head and a control system, with a maximum test force of 400kN.

ISO 7438: Metallic materials — Bend test

ASTM E290: Standard Test Methods for Bend Testing of Material for Ductility

GB/T 232 etc.


3.1, The test machine is a four-pillar frame structure, the main cylinder is placed on, the main structure is composed of oil source, chassis, cylinder, piston, roller assembly, light bar, upper beam and other components.

3.2, The test machine uses highly sealed two-way cylinders, which are highly efficient and durable.

3.3, Test machine design in the aesthetic, convenient, safety aspects have been fully considered, for example: the main structure parts using ball-ink cast iron precision processing, the machine rigidity and good stability;

3.4, The branch roller spacing is adjusted by shaking the hand-lifting screw, and the spacing adjusts the rear roller self-locking without tightening, which is convenient to operate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

3.5, Bending head is the national standard GB/T232-2010 "metal material bending test method" designed for supporting products. This product is a special tool necessary for rebar bending test, and the replacement method is convenient for plug-in operation.

3.6, The one-in-one design of the forward and reverse bending device does not require repeated loading and unloading of the reverse bending device, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the efficiency, and the device conforms to the requirements of the reverse bending test in the standard GB1499.2-2018 Steel for Reinforced Concrete Part 2: Hot-rolled Rib Rebar.

3.7, Touch screen bending test control system, simple operation, small footprint, according to the test requirements to set the bending angle and automatically calculate the desired bending head diameter and roller spacing, manual and automatic dual mode selection, automatic mode can achieve the test process one-click operation (here is the control system legend).



Max. Load


Working stroke


Max. working pressure


Bending angle range

0-180 degrees   (angle can be set)

Suitable metal sample range


HRB400/HRBF400/HRB400E/HRBF400E   steel rebar

Bending round sample diameter


Can be installed Bending head diameter

6- 450mm

Bending roller max. distance

620 mm

Cylinder loading speed

Max. 90mm/min

Motor power

1.1 Kw







Frame   (double direction cylinder, pull wire sensor)

1   set

Bending   head (22 pcs)  6-192mm

1 set

Diameter (mm): 24/ 30 /32   /40 /48 /50 /56 /60 /64 /70

/72 /80/88/90/100/110/125/140/160/168/192

Bending   head base

4   pcs

Touching   screen controller

1   set

Safety   cover

1 set

Documents   (Manual, packing list, certificate)


ISO 7438: Metallic materials — Bend test

ASTM E290: Standard Test Methods for Bend Testing of Material for Ductility

GB/T 232 etc.

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