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MMW-1A Vertical Universal Friction & Wear Test Machine

MMW-1A Vertical Universal Friction Wear Test Machine is similar to an the FALEX MultiSpecimen Test machine in main application and functions, it’s widely used as imitation inspection testing machine in design and develop hydraulic oil, combustion engine oil, gear oil etc..

Perhaps the most versatile commercial system for evaluating friction, wear, and abrasion characteristics of materials, coatings, and lubricants. Numerous Standard Test Methods and Application Specific Custom testing programs are possible due to user selected contact geometries, motions, velocities, temperatures, contact pressures, and test specimen materials allow one test apparatus to meet many test specifications and simulate a broad range of field applications.

Applications include research and development, quality control, product qualification and the evaluation of physical and performance characteristics of materials, coatings, and lubricants. Test studies and a number of technical publications confirm exceptional correlation with field service.

Four ball friction pair                  Pin-Disc friction pair

Other friction pair like:
Ball-plate friction pair (one ball and three ball);
Bronze ball three pieces of friction pair;
Rolling contact fatigue four-ball friction pair;
Stick-slip friction pair.

1  Test Force 
1.1 Axial load range10N-1000N
1.2 Load accuracy±1%
1.3 Load zero point sensitivity±1.5N
1.4 Loading rate400N/min
1.5 Load holding accuracy±1%
2  Friction Moment 
2.1 Max. Friction moment2.5N.m
2.2 Friction moment accuracy±2%
2.3 Friction sensor50N
2.4 Friction arm of force distance50mm
3  Spindle stepless speed change 
3.1 Stepless variable speed system5-2000r/min
3.2 Main spindle RPM accuracy±1%
4  Test MediumOil, Water, Slurry, Abrasive, etc.
5  Heating system 
5.1 Heater working rangeAmbient temp. to 260℃
5.2 Disc Type Heating Plateφ65, 220V, 250W
5.3 Jacket Heaterφ68×44,220V,300W
5.4 φ3 twin output platinum thermal resistanceRO=100±0.1Ω(Long, short each one set)
5.5 Temperature control accuracy±(0.3+0.005t)℃
6. Taper of spindle1:7
7. Max.distance between spindle and lower disc>75mm
8. Spindle control1, Manual control; 2, Time control ;
3, Revolution Control; 4, Friction moment control
9. Time display & control range10s~9999min
10. Revolution display & control range(1~99)×105
11. Output maximum moment of main motor5N.m
Frame1 set
Computer1 set
Printer1 set
Thrust ring end face friction test pair1 set
Pin-disc friction test pair1 set
Four ball friction test pair1 set
Ball disc friction test pair1 set
Heater1 set
Microscope1 set
Professional measuring software in English1 set
Documents (Manual, packing list, certificate)

ASTM G99 "Standard Test Method for Wear Testing with a Pin-on-Disk Apparatus”

ASTM D2266 "Standard Test Method for Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Grease (Four Ball Method) “

ASTM D4172 “Standard Test Method for Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluids (Four Ball Method)”

ASTM D3702 “Standard Test for Wear Rate and Coefficient of Friction in Self-Lubricated Rubbing Contact Using a Thrust washer Testing Machine”

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