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CCD Series Automatically Image Measuring System

HV-CCD System combines computer automatic measuring system with hardness tester .By means of CCD Camera interface, connect micro Vickers hardness tester with computer. Whole testing operation can be processed by operating keyboard and mouse, therefore the operation is easy and measuring precision is high. Maximum decrease h error and avoid seeing weariness of the operator. It is an advance hardness tester which can meet the needs of various Digital Brinell/Micro Vickers hardness testing.

●Measuring and control system of the tester adopts high-resolving power image device to display indentation clearly on the screen of computer.
●Transformed signal by software, automatically measure hardness value of testing indentation.
●According to the process of point testing and continuously testing, make out the curve drawings of depth and trapezium.
●It can test micro Vickers, Knoop, carburized layers etc.
●Hardness value can be automatically exchanged with many methods.
●According to your requirement, customer can select high power or low power objective.
●Definition of image:>570
●It can adjust contrast and brightness etc., of indentation image.
●It can dispose image file and date file to open, save, print etc
●It can look into the data file and image file at any time, Data file is printed to adopt table format and curvilinear format.
●The Computer Automatic Measuring System can also be equipped on various models of our serial Digital Brinell Micro Vickers Hardness Testers such as DHV-1000, HVS-1000.
●Besides standard accessories of original base instrument, this tester also equipped with special tube camera. Computer Printer, etc.,

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