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ISO 9854 Pipe sample impact tester

Charpy Impact is a single point test that measures a materials resistance to impact from a swinging pendulum. Charpy impact is defined as the kinetic energy needed to initiate fracture and continue the fracture until the specimen is broken. The values obtained can be used for quality control or to differentiate general toughness.

ISO 9854-1 Specifies the general impact test method to be used for the determination of the impact strength of unnotched test pieces cut from thermoplastics pipes for the transport of fluids.

United Test product both the IZOD and Charpy impact tester, in dial display, LCD screen display and computer control used determine the impact ductility of nonmetallic materials, such as Rigid thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic, thermosetting plastic and thermoplastic after fiber-reinforced. It is widely used in the industries of plastic products, plastic manufacture, petro chemical etc, University, scientific research institute and commodity inspection department.

Charpy Test: The specimen is mounted horizontally and supported unclamped at both ends. The hammer is released and allowed to strike through the specimen. If breakage does not occur, a heavier hammer is used until failure occurs. 

Feature of XJJ series Charpy pendulum impact testing machine:
1, Dial display, Charpy test method;
2, This economical model is simple in structure, easy to operate.
3, Support vice, pendulum is nickel coating, good appearance and anti-corrosion.
4, Standard ISO 179, ASTM D6110, ISO 9854.

Impact energy1J, 2J, 4J, 5J7.5J, 15J, 25J, 50J
Impact speed2.9m/s3.8m/s
Pendulum center to specimen center distance221mm380mm
Pendulum initial angle160°160°
Supporting blade angle radius R=1mm
Supporting blade included angle30°
Impact blade angle radiusR=2mm
Specimen span40,60,70,95(mm)
Display typeDial analog display
Specimen clamping typeCharpy
Standard AccessoriesLoadframe, pendulum(1J, 2J 4J, 5J), supporting vice jaws, specimen centering plate, spanner, manual etc.Loadframe, pendulum(7.5J, 15J, 25J, 50J), moving supporting base, specimen centering plate, spanner, manual etc.

supporting vice jaws,
specimen centering plate,
manual etc.

ISO 179: “Plastics -- Determination of Charpy impact properties”

ASTM D6110: “Standard Test Method for Determining the Charpy Impact Resistance of Notched Specimens of Plastics”

ISO 180: “Plastics -- Determination of Izod impact strength”

ASTM D256: “Standard Test Methods for Determining the Izod Pendulum Impact Resistance of Plastics”

ISO 9854: “Thermoplastics pipes for the transport of fluids -- Determination of pendulum impact strength by the Charpy method”

ISO 8256: "Plastic Stretch Impact Intensity Determination" (method A)

ASTM D1822: "Plastic And Electric insulation Material Stretch Impact Performance test Method".


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