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YZS-100B limitation oxygen index LOI ASTM D2863

Oxygen Index Apparatus/LOI (Limitation Oxygen Index tester) is widely used to measure burning performance of plastics, rubber, fiber, foam, softening sheet, film etc.,
The Oxygen Index is, perhaps, the most economical and precise quality control test of combustible materials. Its ease of use together with high levels of precision has made this technique a primary characterising and quality control tool to the plastic and electric cable industries and it has been specified by several military and transport groups. The technique measures the minimum percentage of oxygen in the test atmosphere that is required to marginally support combustion.

Feature of YZS-100B:
Digital display the LOI value directly, no need calculation personally. Digital meter display the gas pressure.

Main application:
Plastic material, cable insulation, duct insulation, laminate, printed circuit board, foam, rubber, film et.c,

Test Procedure:
A small test specimen is supported vertically in a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen flowing upwards through a transparent chimney. The upper end of the specimen is ignited and the subsequent burning behaviour of the specimen is observed to compare the period for which burning continues, or the length of the specimen burnt, with specified limits for such burning. By testing a series of specimens in different oxygen concentrations, the minimum oxygen concentration is estimated. 

Test Sample information:
    Complete test series:
Sample quantity: 20 samples
Dimensions: 80 – 150 mm x 10 mm, thickness 4 or 10 mm.
    Reduced test series, one specified oxygen concentration
Sample quantity: 8 samples
Dimensions: 80 – 150 mm x 10 mm, thickness 4 or 10 mm.

Other name:
Oxygen index testing equipment; oxygen limitation index value tester;  LOI tester


Pressure displayDial gaugeDigital meter
Limitation Oxygen index valueDigital reading directly
Buring tube inner diameter100mm
75mm (optional)
Buring tube height450mm
Flow meter accuracy2.5 calss
Pressure meter accuracy2.5 calss
Gas sourceOxygen, Nitrogen
Input pressure0.2~0.3Mpa
Working pressure0.05~ 0.15Mpa
Oxygen concentration resolution0.1%
Sample typeself supporting, or non-self supporting
WeightFrame: 52Kg
Gross weight: 65Kg
DimensionFrame: 590*480*560mm
Package: 690*580*790mm
Power220V, 50Hz/110V, 60HZ, single phase
Frame1 set
Burning tube1 set
Igniter1 pc
Sample clip2 pcs
Tube clip1 pc
Stopwatch1 pc
Strengthen plastic tube1 pc
Glass ball2 bags
Documents (Manual, packing list, certificate)


ISO 4589-2  " Plastics -- Determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index -- Part 2: Ambient-temperature test”

ASTM D2863  " Standard Test Method for Measuring the Minimum Oxygen Concentration to Support Candle-Like Combustion of Plastics (Oxygen Index) “

NES 714, EN 45545-2. etc.,

LOI test (ISO 4589) Video
ASTM D2863 Oxygen Index Value Test Video
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