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Radial double hammer impact test machine for motorcycle light alloy wheel UT1013

UT1013 Radial double hammer impact test machine for motorcycle light alloy wheel is used to simulate the impact of the wheels during the driving process through ditches and other undulating road surfaces, the test machine impact energy can be adjusted (by adjusting the weight and impact height to achieve), the system configuration adjusts the height of the screw and servo motor control height changes, high-precision encoder real-time display impact height, (after the input wheel diameter and impact height before the experiment, the system automatically adjusts to the preset position, the system automatically adjusts to the preset position, the system is a double-acting mechanism, the system is stable and reliable. (The protective door cannot be tested without closing, and the test cannot be carried out without lifting the insurance pin).

Main advantage:

1, The test machine is mainly composed of the main host, parameter measurement display unit, strong electrical control unit, test accessories and so on.


2, the host using a double column frame structure, the motor on the upper, through the servo motor to drive the screw rotation, thereby driving the lifting device up and down, the built-in photoelectric encoder accurately measure the height value, so as to ensure that the impact energy is accurate and reliable. Perfect measurement and control software, set the hub diameter and impact energy, the system automatically adjusted to the specified position.


3, the release of the impact hammer, by electromagnetic iron traction, and release, electronic control system control circuit set limit switch, the guard door does not close, can not carry out impact test, electromagnetic iron end set safety pin, before the impact first to pull out the operation, lift the safety pin can make electromagnetic iron traction, and release the impact hammer, safety pin lifted after the system will trigger (sound and light alarm), prompt to prepare for the impact.

4, with a secondary impact device, in order to achieve the second impact on the wheel, at the same time equipped with a 30-degree impact bracket (this bracket angle can be free adjusting), users can choose according to different standards. (optional) The protective net is used to ensure the safety of the test.



Main   impact hammer mass


Secondary hammer mass


Impact hammer head width


Impact hammer maximum displacement

not less than 40mm

Wheel mount bracket adjustable

no less than 260mm

Spring total stiffness


Weight size

40kg x 2, 30kg x 3, 20kg x 3, 10kg x 3,   5kg x 2

(used to add the different impact   hammer weight)

Maximum hammer load


Suitable for the outer diameter of the   wheel

260 to 800mm (with tire)

Motor power


Power supply

220V, 50HZ







1   set

Lift   screw

1   set

Lifting   mechanism

1   set

the   electronic cabinet

1   set

Color   touch screen

1   set

electromagnetic   iron and accessories

1   set

servo   motor

1   set

impact   hammer

1   set

test   accessories

1   set

Safety   guard

1   set

Documents   (Manual, packing list, certificate)



1) QC/T211-1996 "Light alloy wheel test method for motorcycles and mopeds"

2) QC/T212-1996 "The whole wheel test method of light alloy for motorcycles and mopeds"

3) GB/T6147-92 "Test machine packaging, packaging marks, storage and transportation technical requirements"

4) JASO T 203-85 Motorcycle Light Alloy Wheels

5) ISO8644-2006 "Motorcycle and Moped Light Aluminum Wheels"

6) YGK-4-301 (2007) "Technical Procedures for Light Alloy Wheels for Yamaha Motorcycles"

7) GB/T22435-2008 "Light Alloy Wheels for Motorcycles and Mopeds"


Radial double hammer impact test machine operation video
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