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Wheel Radial Load Fatigue Testing Machines (UT1015)

UT1015 Wheel radial load fatigue test machine, also known as the microcomputer control motorcycle light alloy wheel radial load fatigue test machine or motorcycle tire durability test machine or motorcycle tire life test machine. The test machine is mainly used for radial load fatigue test of light alloy wheels of motorcycles and mopeds.

+ Test equipment should have a test drum with diameter of not under 400 mm, drum surface should be smooth, soft and its width is larger than tyre width tested

+ Test drum should be rotated at unchanged speed;

+ Test equipment should permit to impact a unchanged radial load (deviation of radial load change in the test is ±5%) on wheels in the direction of wheel center to drum center and ensure so that wheels always contact with test drum.

wheel tyre fatigue test machine.jpg

Assemble rim with tyre pumped to minimum pressure equal to the pressure marked on wheel into test equipment (see figure B1) in the method as used to assemble vehicle wheel. Test drum is rotated while impacting radial load Q as per B.2.1.

The number of turns of test drum is not under 5 x 105  turns.



The test machine is mainly composed of the main host, the microcomputer control unit, the strong electric control unit, the test accessory, etc.

1, The host uses welding structure design and manufacture, horizontal loading design, large drum using international standard design, design diameter of 1707.6mm, as realistic as possible to simulate road condition, excitation speed motor drive drum to achieve no-stage speed, achieve different driving speed test, load bracket using low damping linear component drive, servo motor drive closed-loop control, load sensor to complete the measurement of the load, so as to achieve fatigue test load control, and damage to the emergency control of the fatigue test load.

2, The test process computer automatic control, test load, test mileage through the computer set, the computer automatic control servo motor load, to achieve the test mileage automatic shutdown.

3, The computer control system is equipped with safety protection, and can be automatically unloaded and shut down in the event of unexpected conditions such as load, flat tire and wheel damage.

Configure the strong power control box, complete the drive control of the excitation speed control motor, with power on, off, motor start, stop, speed increase and decrease and other operating functions.

4, Microcomputer control unit, configuration computer, computer for Lenovo brand machine, mainstream configuration, computer built-in signal amplification A/D conversion card board, complete the sensor signal amplification and signal mode conversion, computer software for WINDOWS platform software, with test parameter settings, dynamic test waveform display, test data storage, output test report and other functions.

The printer prints the test report.

The integral shield effectively ensures the safety of the operator, the safety door built-in interlock, the configuration of a powerful fan, the air outlet direction is adjustable, and can be pumped and wind switching.



Load   cell

10KN, display accuracy ±1% (from 20% ~100%)

Actuator loading capacity


Tire inflation pressure


drum surface line speed


Q value


Rotate drum diameter


Drum surface width


Turns number, and test mileage


measuring the hub range (After   installing the tire)



4000*1900*2200mm (L*W*H), 4800kg

total motor power (for Car tire)



Wind cooling system, completing   protective shield



1   set

Loading   mechanism

1   set

Speed   adjusting control motor

1   set

the   electronic cabinet

1   set

Load   cell (Celtron 10KN)

1   set

Rotate   hub

1   set

servo   motor/Control system (FUJI/Panasonic)

1   set

Wind   cooling system

1   set

Safety   protective shield

1   set


1   set


1 set

Fixture   to install the wheel

1   set

Documents   (Manual, packing list, certificate)



QC/T211-1996 Test method for light alloy wheels for motorcycles and mopeds;

QC/T212-1996 General Technical Conditions for All Wheels of Motorcycle and Moped Aluminum;

JASO T 203-85 Motorcycle Light Alloy Wheels;

ISO 8644-1988 Motorcycle-Light Alloy Wheels - Test Methods;

ISO 8645-1988 Moped - Light Alloy Wheels - Test Method;

GB/T6147-92 "Test machine packaging, packaging marks, storage and transportation technical requirements"


Wheel Radial Load Fatigue Testing Machine Operation Video
Wheel Radial Load Fatigue Testing Machine test running video
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