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UT1011 Wheel Rim Torsion Fatigue Testing Machine (Torque bearing capacity test)

UT1011 rim torsion fatigue dynamic test system (torque bearing capacity tester) achieve tensile fatigue and reverse fatigue on a machine.

This series of products is suitable for the dynamic and static mechanical properties of materials and small components, including the tension, compression, torsion, low cycle and high-cycle fatigue of materials and components. The high and low temperature chamber can be equipped with high and low temperature mechanical tests.

Servo dynamic universal series of test machine development, development process of the development and manufacturing experience of the international famous servo dynamic test machine company, the use of "unitized, modular, standardized" development concept, absorb the international advanced servo dynamic test machine technology, combined with the actual use of domestic users designed. Servo dynamic test machine key supporting components to choose international and domestic similar products of the famous brand products. Greatly improve the stability and reliability of the system, the system's key units and components are manufactured using today's international advanced technology, the overall performance of the entire test system and the international famous dynamic test machine company product technology level. The series has the characteristics of easy to use, high control precision and good reliability.

torque bearing.png 

Fix alloy rim flange to holder and impact a torque as defined like above on alloy rim in symmetric direction through wheel hub’s contact surface. Arm length should be equal to radius of the smallest tyre in line with alloy rim

Fix alloy rim to holder through wheel hub’s contact surface and impact a torque on alloy rim by a doughnut ring tightened to alloy rim.

The number of torque impacts is not under 105.



ISO 3006 Road vehicles — Passenger car wheels for road use — Test methods

ISO 8644: 2006 Motorcycles — Light-alloy wheels — Test method

JASO T 203-85, GB/T22435-2008

Max.   Static load


Max. Dynamic load

±5000N; fluctuation: no more than 0.1%   FS

Max. torque


Actuator stroke



0.1~10Hz (max. stoke is ±0.5mm at max. frequency).

Max. linear velocity


Control mode

Load, displacement, deformation control   mode, main test waveforms: supported by controller (including sine,   triangular, oblique, and external input waveforms)

Test Rim size

12~18 inches, 1.25~8 inches wide

Max. installation size

1050*800mm (match with the wheel   diameter)

Force arm axial adjustment range

0-350mm (with different width wheels)

Vertical space


Width space


Arm of force

700±1mm, Final arm length adjusts size   depending on wheel size



Power supply

220V, 50HZ



1   set

Fully   digital AC servo motor (Japan Panasonic)

1   set

AC   servo diving system (Japan Panasonic)

1   set

Rim   fixture

1   set

Load   cell (USA Vishay celtron)

1   set

Servo   liner actuator

1   set

Fully   digital data sampling system

1   set

English   version software

1   set

Ground   bolts

4   pcs


1   set


1   set

Documents   (Manual, packing list, certificate)


ISO 3006 Road vehicles — Passenger car wheels for road use — Test methods

ISO 8644: 2006 Motorcycles — Light-alloy wheels — Test method etc.,

Wheel Rim Torsion Fatigue Testing Operation Video
rim installation procedure operation video
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