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Tension test for Geotextile Wide Width Strip ASTM D4595, ISO 10319
Date:2017-02-20 Source:United Test Views:100

Geotextiles are used with foundation, soil, earth, and rock material as an integral part of man-made project, structure, or system. Geotextiles are a permeable geosynthetic comprised solely of textiles. Geotextile materials prevent the erosion of earth and similar substances after the area has been altered due to construction usually pertaining to civil engineering applications such as roads, pavement, bridges, embankments and retaining walls. They allow the passage of water but not soil and other materials.

The ASTM and ISO standards containing these methods are ASTM D4595 for geotextiles, ISO 10319 for geosynthestics, and ISO 10321 for joints and seams in geosynthetic materials. Wide width tensile strip tests typically require test machines with a greater load capacity than standard textile strip tests.

Geotextile tensile testing equipment: use the electronic universal testing machine add suitable tensile test fixture to execute this test.

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