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Charpy impact test ISO179
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ISO 179 & ASTM D6110 is a standard test method for determining the impact strength or impact resistance of a plastic specimen with a Charpy test. Charpy impact strength testing involves the use of a pendulum to break a test specimen being supported in a cantilever configuration. The impact energy absorbed in impacting a plastic specimen in a Charpy test is taken as being equal to the difference between the potential energy of the pendulum and the energy remaining in the pendulum after impacting the plastic specimen. Corrections accounting for friction and air-resistance losses must also be made to determine the true impact resistance of the plastic. Specimens tested to determine the impact strength through the Charpy impact resistance test and the practices of ISO 179 must be notched. Charpy impact testing of notched specimens in accordance to ISO179 is a common test to determine notch sensitivity of a plastic material. Test machines that are used to perform Charpy impact strength tests in accordance to ISO 179 must meet the requirements of ISO 13802; verification of Charpy pendulum impact testing machines.

ISO 179: “Plastics -- Determination of Charpy impact properties”
ASTM D6110: “Standard Test Method for Determining the Charpy Impact Resistance of Notched Specimens of Plastics”.

Impact test specimen size:  80*10*4mm (length*width*thickness)


Recommend test machine

XJJ-5/50 Charpy impact tester

1, Dial display, Charpy test method;
2, This economical model is simple in structure, easy to operate.
3, Support vice, pendulum is nickel coating, good appearance and anti-corrosion.
4, Energy range: 1J, 2J, 5J, 15J, 50J.

Impact specimen notching machine

Sample preparation machine for impact tester is used to process the non-metal material impact test specimen, make the notch then do impact test. Such as the plastics, organic glass etc.,

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plastic charpy Impact testing machine;

plastic specimen notch making machine.


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