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Hydraulic fatigue dynamic testing machine

Fatigue testing equipment is often used to determine how a material will perform over time and repeated use.

United Test offer the Electro-hydraulic servo static & dynamic universal testing machine is specialized testing equipment, according various industry application to design and configure machine’s structure and components.
This machine mainly used at a variety of material and components, parts for both dynamic and static mechanical property testing, include tension, compression, low cycling test, match with high-low temperature chamber can execute the temperature test. If add versatile test fixture and software, can check the material cracking growth, fracture load etc., mechanical test. Widely used at aerospace, navy, military, scientific research institution, enterprise new product development, inspection industry etc.,

Main Function:
1, Fatigue working life study;
2, Cracking extension and breaking load study;
3, Tensile, compression, bending cyclic test;
4, Components and parts fatigue and life working test.

Max. static load±200KN/500KN/1000KN, full range stepless, Accuracy ±1%
Max. dynamic load±200kN/500KN
Dynamic fluctuationLess than ±2%FS
Actuator max. stroke±75mm
Max. speed700mm/s(21Mpa,70L/min)
Motor power30Kw
Controller typeSingle channel; displacement and load close-loop dual channels
Main test waveformSine wave, triangular wave, rectangle wave, oblique wave etc.
Test space750mm
Test width530mm
Round specimen clamping rangeφ6~φ25mm
Flat specimen clamping range0-26mm
Weight of oil source750kg
High Stiffness Frame1 set
Constant pressure servo oil source1 set
Hydraulic clamper1 set
Servo controller1 set
Fluid part connection1 set
Accessories1 set
Consumable parts1 set
Computer1 set
Printer1 set
Documents (Manual, packing list, certificate)
Load Control Fatigue Test Video
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