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Cyclic testing equipment

Fatigue testing equipment is often used to determine how a material will perform over time and repeated use.

United Test offer the UTDS series Electronic Dynamic Universal Testing Machine/ Cyclic Testing Equipment widely used at material and components, parts dynamic mechanical property test, include tension, compression, low cycling test, match with high-low temperature chamber can execute the temperature test. 


Fatigue testing on an elastomer

1, One control chanel, with load, displacement, deformation three close-loop control,  these three control type smoothly switch. 
2, Max. close-loop data flash frequency is 6Khz;
3, Controller A/D, D/A resolution is 16 bit, signal generate frequency is 0.001Hz~ 50HZ;
4, Signal generate waveform include sine wave, triangular wave, quare wave, sawtooth wave etc.,;
5, Two levels servo valve driving unit used to drive the servo valve, remote hydraulic pump used to remote control the hydraulic pump station;


Cyclic test EN 397 Compression Testing Industrial Safety Helmets

Max. static load±5KN  Accuracy ±1%
Max. dynamic load±1kN
Dynamic fluctuationLess than ±1%FS
Actuator max. stroke±100mm
Control modeLoad, displacement, deformation
Main test waveformsine wave, triangular wave, quare wave, sawtooth wave etc.,
Max. test space550mm (include test fixture)
Test width430mm
Standard Power220/110V, 50/60HZ, 1 phase
Working systemMS Win7 / Win10
High Stiffness Frame1 set
Servo liner actuator1 set
Servo driver1 set
Loadcell:1 set
LVDT (liner displacement sensor)1 set
Test fixture (quote and design according details test sample).1 set
Fully digital servo controller1 set
Professional testing software1 set
Computer1 set
Printer1 set
Documents (Manual, packing list, certificate)

Comply with different standards such as ASTM F2606, ASTM F2516, ASTM F2267, ASTM F384, EN 397 etc.,.

helmet fatigue comprssion
rubber dynamic tensile test
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